Remember the days before the Switch was officially revealed? Back then, Nintendo was calling the hardware the NX, which was the prototype name. While we’ve long since moved on from that time, a recent discovery gives us a quick look at one more element from those prototype days.

Dataminers have gone digging through the prototype version of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and have unearthed a new tidbit about the NX. In particular, we get to see the boot-up animation for the NX, as well as the logo. You can see the design of that content in the tweet below.

Anyone have a guess as to what that ball animation to the left of the NX logo is? That doesn’t seem to tie into anything Switch-related that I can think of. There has to be some element of the platform’s design that fits in with that circle, and I’m sure some dedicated Nintendo fan out there can figure it out!

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1+ y ago

I think it's to represent Joy-Con drift. That loop is without touching the stick.



1+ y ago

Seems to be a rotating analog stick.