My Time at Sandrock will eventually make its way to Switch, but that launch is most likely quite a ways off. As of today, PC users got a sneak peek at what’s next for My Time at Sandrock with a new video, which you can check out above.

Times are tough in Sandrock, a once glorious city-state now struggling for survival against the harsh economic and environmental realities of its desert-bound location. Board a train to Sandrock and step into the role of the town’s newest Builder, capable crafters with a knack for producing all types of public projects, and get to work kickstarting Sandrock’s return to form.

Engage in myriad activities to reassemble Sandrock, one day at a time. Dive into deep mines to uncover crafting materials and long-forgotten remnants of old-world technology. Learn designs from the blueprints and uncover the hidden secrets of complex structures, including recycling machines and water reservoirs crucial to desert survival. Wade through the ruins with caution, as hostile inhabitants await around every corner! Fight back with an overhauled action-RPG combat system featuring melee and third-person shooting mechanics, as well as an arsenal of weapons to master.


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