As we’ve said countless times over the years, the UK isn’t really Nintendo territory. There are Nintendo platforms and franchises that do really well in the region, such as the Switch right now, but the UK is mostly known as Playstation’s realm. That’s what makes today’s chart so interesting.

The official list of the top 30 best-selling franchises in the UK has been released, and as you might expect, Nintendo brands are all over it. Just where do they fall in the chart, though? You can read the full rundown below.

Please remember, this is the top 30 in the UK for all-time, with data starting in 1995.


Notable info

  • the third place finish for Mario includes all of Mario’s sub-brands
  • Mario data covers 109 games, with the biggest boxed sellers being Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 8 and New Super Mario Bros.

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2y ago

That's it, we did it friends. Unplug your Xbox, bin your Playstation, Nintendo's here to stay!

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2y ago

UK has good taste. Although the Super Mario is waaaay better than Fifa and COD

Because you can never mess with the Super Mario!


2y ago

Unsurprising FIFA is #1. I am surprised WWF/WWE is as high as it is though. Wouldn’t have thought it was THAT popular above many series’ it beat out.