Edia has announced plans to create the Telenet Shooting Collection, which include ports of four shmups created by Telenet Japan. The goal is to release this collection sometime after June 2023 on Switch, but Edia needs a bit of help to get things done.

Edia has started a Makuake crowdfunding campaign for Telenet Shooting Collection, and they’ll need roughly $21,000 to put the project together. As of time of posting, the campaign has reached 7$ of that goal.

Telenet Shooting Collection will include the following games:

  • Granada (November 1990, Genesis)
  • Avenger (1990, PC Engine)
  • Gaiares (1990, Genesis)
  • Psychic Storm (1992, PC Engine)

If you want to check out the official website for Telenet Shooting Collection, which also includes the crowdfunding details, you can find it here.

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