Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launched for Switch last week, and millions of people flocked to the games. Unfortunately, many have also been quite disappointed with the titles, as they’re littered with bugs, glitches and more.

Videos of various issues with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have dominated social media since the games launched, and there’s no doubt Nintendo knows quite a few players are frustrated. With that being the case, it seems some customers who are looking for a refund for the titles have been able to get one.

Just to be clear, this isn’t a case of Nintendo offering a blanket refund for any customers that are upset. This is more of a situation where players have contacted Nintendo customer support, complained about the state of the two games, and have managed to secure a refund. It’s all going to depend on the rep you get and the way you address the situation.

If Nintendo comments on this matter or begins an official refund campaign, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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That’s surely unprecedented for a first party Nintendo game?!
I did the next best thing and withheld my purchase.

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Same. GameFREAK is in between a rock and a hard place. The Pokemon Company doesn't give them any slack so GameFREAK can't delay projects. For every step forwards, there's always two steps back with GameFREAK games.

I wanted to support GameFREAK's venture into 3D gaming with X/Y so I bought into Gen VI and I loved the change in concepts that Gen VII brought that wasn't a straight rehash of things from the past six gens. Well aside GameFREAK making an alternate version of Sun/Moon -- I didn't appreciate them doing Sun/Moon Definitive Edition making the original Sun/Moon obsolete quick.

After Sword/Shield threw out all the changes from Gen VII to rehash older Gens again, I skipped Gen VIII (though I do want Legends) and will look to skip Gen IX and onward unless something gives.

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This game haunts my dreams with awful NPC framerates.

I agree. Releasing 3 games in 12 months, regardless of them being remakes or spin-offs, is not doing them any favours for quality. But unfortunately they’re making bank.


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Something needs to change, and that something is not having a single developer churn out a game semi-annually. Gens 4 and 5 each got a lead-in of 4 years before release, and it's absolute madness that the series went back DOWN to 3 years despite the transition to HD development and--lest we forget--a global pandemic at the start of this game's development. The same rolling updates people whine about in Nintendo's (fully) first-party games would be a godsend, among other possible changes. Game Freak needs to operate in the current decade and not the decades nostalgic customers associate Pokemon with.

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I do hope they'll make some changes to the way Pokemon runs as a franchise. What they're making now doesn't match with Nintendo's usual level of polish and quality. I know people say they have to maintain parity with an anime, a card game, and merchandise, but those things won't matter if the games they're based on tarnish the franchise. Give the games more time. Maybe they'll get enough time to innovate on the game's formula enough for me to come back.


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GameFreak should get assistance from Nintendo's internal devs for these projects. Not a PokeFAn at all, but this is just bad.


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The game is great, some great quality of life, innovates, and expands the world in some great ways. Really been enjoying it so far.

Unfortunately, it seems like they had enough time to finish the content and that's it. Had this game been delayed even a couple more months I think it'd be in a much better state, the optimization feels like it was just missed completely and they pushed it out the door.

I have no doubt this isn't a case of incompetence, and instead one of not having enough time. The game should have been delayed, but at this point I'm just praying we get a really good patch in the somewhat near future that fixes up the performance and bugs, because they're not nearly as fun to find as the bug type Pokemon.

cheesus 2

1+ y ago

Miyamoto once said 'a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game can be refunded if you complain enough'


1+ y ago

Not a Rumor when they're doing it, using Poppy in the image Spoiler enough too.