Nintendo has been steadily releasing information, footage and more for Fire Emblem Engage over the last few weeks, but today they’ve opened the floodgates. We’ve just gotten a ton of footage, along with a massive amount of details on various gameplay mechanics, characters and more. You can see the complete round-up of all that information below.


  • when a unit equips a Ring, the unit and the Emblem will enter a “synchronized state”
  • When in that state, the unit will enjoy various benefits
  • benefits include beefed up abilities and access to certain Skills
  • the unit wearing a Ring and its associated Emblem can merge
  • this game mechanic is called “Engage”
  • when “Engage” is active, the unit can use special weapons (Engage Weapons), special skills (Engage Skills), and extremely powerful moves (Engage Techniques)
  • Synchro Skills: available simply by equipping the Ring
  • Engage Skills: available only when the Engage state is active
  • Engage state only last 3 turns
  • after those 3 turns, the unit returns to the Synchro state
  • every time a unit engages an enemy unit in combat, the counter goes back up


  • Fighting Style is directly tied to the Unit’s class
  • Fighting Styles revealed so far include the following:

Dragon, Cavalier, Magic, Qigong, Cooperation, Heavy Armor, Flier, Stealth


  • Marth is known as the Emblem of Beginnings
  • Alear wore Marth’s Ring the entire time they were asleep
  • Marth can defeat enemies with brilliant attacks and swift movements
  • Marth is compatible with pretty much any unit

Marth’s Skills are as follows:

  • Synchro Skill: Nihil. It prevents enemies from activating their skills in battle, making it harder for them to hit you when you attack them.
  • Engage Weapon: Rapier. Deals extra damage to Cavalry and Heavy Armour units.
  • Engage Skill: Godspeed. Increase the number of attacks per turn by 1. If your unit can launch a counter-attack, they can hit enemies up to 3 times per turn!
  • Engage Technique: Star Rush. Unleashed a flurry of speedy attacks that inflict lots of damage. When used by a Dragon unit, the number of attacks is increased by 2, which is why Marth is a great Emblem for Alear!

Finally, we have a host of videos that show off more characters and gameplay footage. You can find all of those videos below.


  • the Crown Prince of Brodia
  • Diamant received an elite education and has the trust of the people
  • Diamant has a very serious and stoic personality, and deeply respects his father


  • Alcryst has low self-esteem and is very negative about himself
  • he tends to compare himself with his older brother
  • Alcryst has good social skills and has a firm understanding of his duties as a noble

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