Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a pretty gorgeous game top to bottom, and that certainly includes the game’s cut-scenes. We have an idea of how the game’s graphics in general are made, but what goes into creating a cut-scene? Capcom has explained in a new developer interview.

In an internal Capcom interview, we get to hear from Daisuke Wakahara, the person responsible for creating the cut-scenes in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. They gave a detailed breakdown of what goes into the process from beginning to end.

First, I have to gather information from all members of the dev team, and then determine what kind of cutscenes will be required for the game. From there, I start creating the designs for each cutscene as soon as they’ve been okayed for production. This means I first start by creating a design document, and then I hammer out the details by talking to the cutscene artists, everyone involved with other elements regarding cutscene production, and finally the Director. Once the structure and content of the movie has been decided, the actual production starts. Generally, the production flow is as follows:

“Storyboard” > “Animatic” > “Animation & Camera work” > “Lighting & VFX” > “Sound”.

As for how long it takes to get from the storyboard to the sound production, well, it depends on the content of the cutscene, but in case of the monster intros for instance, you’re looking at about 6 months for one cutscene (of course, we work on several cutscenes simultaneously).

[Daisuke Wakahara]

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