Longtime Halo fans know all about the Forge Mode, which lets players cook up all sorts of custom maps, games and more. As soon as the Forge Mode released for Halo Infinite, fans started crafting all sorts of amazing tributes, and of course, someone turned their attention to the world of Nintendo.

As you can see in the video above, one Halo Infinite Forge user decided to build a tribute to Super Mario 64 by making a Peach’s Castle map. We’re not too sure how Nintendo would feel about seeing Spartans running and gunning in Peach’s Castle, but fans will no doubt gobble it up.

Peach’s Castle was painstakingly recreated, with every element of the indoor/outdoor setup implemented with as much authenticity as possible. There’s no doubt you remember the hallways and rooms of Peach’s Castle quite well, which should make adapting to this map in Halo Infinite a breeze!

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