Fire Emblem Engage character chart released

A game of thrones, if you will

23 November 2022
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Fire Emblem Engage is jam-packed with fresh faces and familiar friends, which can make it rather hard to keep up with everything. In order to help players get a handle on the people and their relationships, Nintendo has released a character chart for the game.

In Fire Emblem Engage’s continent of Elyos, there are four countries trying to exist with one another: Brodia, Firene, Elusia, Solm. Along with that is the holy land of Lythos, which certainly plays a part in Elyos’ political climate. Keeping everyone in Elyos happy seems all but impossible, but hopefully through your actions, the land will manage to prosper.

The chart above shows how some of the characters in Fire Emblem Engage are tied to one another. There’s also little bits of information along the character lines to flesh things out. For example, Brodia, Firene, and Solm are in an alliance, Elusia and Brodia are enemies, and Elusia has ties to the Four Hounds.

Alear, the main character, will have a lot to juggle as they make their way through this new adventure. Framme, Clan, and Celine are quite supportive of Alear, while Ivy and Hortensia of Elusia feel quite the opposite. Unfortunately for Alear, this duo also has control of some of the 12 Rings. Alear’s goal is to get all 12 rings back, as this was a promise they made to their mother before she passed away.

There are sure to be even deeper ties to all sorts of characters along the way in Fire Emblem Engage. This is just a peek at some of the support and turmoil you can expect to tackle.

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