Super Lone Survivor was originally slated to hit Switch on November 8th, 2022, but the game was delayed at the last minute due to the developer being hit with a wave of hate mail, along with slow Steam sales. It seems some fans of the original Lone Survivor didn’t think this re-release warranted the ‘Super’ moniker, as it played very much like the first release.

Of course, none of that really matters to Switch owners, as we haven’t had the chance to play Lone Survivor in any form yet! Thankfully, it appears the developer has better explained what Super Lone Survivor is all about to dismayed fans, and the situation has been resolved. This has resulted in a new release date for Super Lone Survivor on Switch, which we can now expect on Nov. 24th, 2022.

In Super Lone Survivor, the masked protagonist must escape the city ravaged by disease, by any means necessary. Use stealth to scavenge food, or kill everything in your path. Nurture your mental health or descend into madness. How you survive is up to you.

The ‘Super’ in Super Lone Survivor comes from these enhancements over the original release:

  • enhanced and expanded remake
  • over two years of additional work
  • enhanced graphics and lighting
  • ultra-smooth parallax scrolling layers
  • new 4:3 presentation
  • taller art painstakingly remade exclusively for the 4:3 aspect ratio
  • new mechanics
  • new locations
  • new puzzles
  • weapon upgrades
  • new enemy type
  • an album’s worth of new music

Lastly, the Super Lone Survivor soundtrack is now available on Bandcamp as well. This album will include all the new music in Super Lone Survivor, which amounts to 44 tracks.

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