If you’re a physical Switch game collector and you’re out to pick up every physical title for the platform you can get your hands on, you might want to steer clear of Just Dance 2023. Sure, the game has a retail presence and you can snag a boxed copy at your favorite local store, but the insides are going to have you quite disappointed.

While we haven’t seen too much in the way of code-in-box releases for the Switch lately, Ubisoft has turned the clock back a few years by giving that treatment to Just Dance 2023. Unfortunately, this means picking up a boxed copy of Just Dance 2023 will net you a physical case with a download code inside, rather than a game card.

Long story short, you won’t be able to get an actual game card with Just Dance 2023 on it. Your only option will be digital, so now you have to decide if owning the box is enough to warrant the retail purchase.

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