Experience has released a new overview trailer for Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II. You can check out the trailer above, but you’ll have to click over to YouTube to view, as this trailer is marked Matureu.

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II will see release on Switch in Japan on December 1st, 2022. The title will also see a worldwide release sometime in 2023. We’ll bring you a more specific release date once one is shared.

A recap on the story of Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II can be found below.

In the suburbs of Tokyo’s H City is a private institution called “Konoehara Academy,” which was established over 100 years ago.

There were rumors that every 10 years, the dead would creep into the academy and spread a curse.

Around the end of summer, some students of the academy died an inexplicable death in the academy garden…

While a police investigation was unable to confirm the nature of the incident, many rumors spread among the students regarding their tragic death, such as “it was the work of the dead” and “they were summoned by spirits.”

In order to regain a sense of composure within the academy, the chairman requested an investigation from the Kujou house, which has been involved in rituals since ancient times.

A strange and sullen middle-aged man able to “examine” the supernatural, the head of the Kujou house begins an undercover investigation as a temporary teacher in order to determine the truth of the rumors.

And to experience the terrible curse from the dead that has crept into the academy…

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