Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope issue prevents 100% completion

Hopefully you don't find yourself in this situation

25 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

There’s no doubt many of you have played Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope through to the end at this point. There’s sure to be some who have also 100% completed the game. If you did manage to achieve that, consider yourself very much. Some players out there haven’t been able to get 100% completion due to a problem that crops up if you tackle tasks in a very specific way.

User Gartooth has shared their misfortune over on the Famiboards, and they’ve worded the situation better than I ever could. You can find their breakdown of the problem below.

The issue is as follows. In order to 100% the game’s 5th world Barrendale Mesa, you need to do 2 side quests that have the following pre-requisites to unlock them.

– a secret boss battle that requires having all 30/30 Sparks in the game to challenge it. Completing this side quest rewards a planet token.

– a secret room that requires buying a Planet Key for 11 tokens at the game’s shop to challenge it. Completing this side quest rewards a Spark.

The issue? The number of available Sparks and Planet Tokens are exact so that there’s no leftover resource. Meaning that if you save the Planet Key as the last item to buy from the shop you will have 10 tokens despite the price of the Key being 11 tokens. The only way around this was to have not bought the Planet Key last so you had enough tokens which I failed to realize was an issue. The final and 11th token I need is held by the boss that requires I have 30 Sparks to fight it. …I can’t get the 30th Spark unless I go to the secret room to get it, which only unlocks if I have the Planet Key. So I am in a state where I have 10/11 tokens and 29/30 Sparks and getting the final one of either requires having completed the opposite side quest first.

[Gartooth on Famiboards]

While this might seem like a very specific set of steps to cause a bug, it’s a bug nonetheless. Furthermore, there are indeed other players out there who have arrived at this same exact situation. Hopefully Ubisoft has seen the complaints from these players and are working a patch to remedy the situation.

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