‘Day in the life’ is a series made by the Youtuber Paolo fromTOKYO, where he gives us a perspective of what it feels like working in a specific field or company in Japan.

Previously, we’ve seen Paolo get an exclusive look inside Nintendo’s former headquarters hotel, which officially opened its doors back in April, and what it looks like to work for Bandai Namco as a programmer.

Today, our protagonist is Rumi Asami, an illustrator who worked at Square Enix for 6 years, and she is responsible for a number of projects, including the box art you see in Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon. Check out the video above to see what the Square Enix environment looks like!

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Just someone who spent most of his childhood playing Smash Bros with my brother, which led me to explore more games. Favorite franchises include Xenoblade and Kirby.

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