Nintendo Pictures officially opened its website last month to include general information about the company and its purpose. They now have updated the recruit section of the page to include various fields related to producing videos for both full-time and freelance positions, including 3DCG Designer, Product manager, storyboard creator, and more. You can check all the positions here.

Nintendo Pictures Co., Ltd., a Nintendo Group company, plans and produces videos using Nintendo IP. Currently, we are hiring careers for various occupations related to the planning and production of animation videos. If you are interested in creating videos that can be enjoyed by customers all over the world, please apply.

[Nintendo via Twitter as translated by NintendoSoup]

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1+ y ago

They're gonna make a Splatoon anime, aren't they?

Or Fire Emblem, Metroid, Star Fox?


1+ y ago


they're going to prioritize what's selling the most.