There are some controllers that are forever ingrained in my memory. The Super Nintendo controller definitely sticks out in my mind, as does the GameCube. When you put in so many hours playing Smash Bros. Melee (and onward) with a GameCube controller, it’s impossible not to remember exactly how that controller feels!

If you’re also someone who’s fond of the GameCube controller and you happen to own a Switch, a new accessory is available that should tickle your fancy. Retroflag’s Handheld Controller gives you a new way to play your Switch in handheld mode, and it’s all about that retro GameCube style.

Retroflag has lovingly recreated the GameCube controller’s buttons and joysticks on the Switch, and pretty much everything is there. All the buttons and colors you remember, including a full d-pad and even a C-Stick as your right-hand thumbstick. Along with that, the controller offers rumble and motion control, and it works on both the original Switch and Switch OLED.

The Retroflag Handheld Controller appears to be out of stock on and UK, but you can snag one through Amazon Canada for $70 here.

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1+ y ago

To quote Sean Connery in The Last Crusade, "...let it go."

It's a fine controller, but it's ridiculous when it gets revived ad nauseam without even bothering to address its faults (including a rather garish color scheme).