Capcom is no stranger to food collaborations, having teamed up with numerous big-name brands and companies in the past to create some tasty treats. Those efforts continue today, with Capcom revealing a special team-up with the team behind Pocky, the chocolate-coated crunchy biscuit treat!

Starting Nov. 29th, 2022 in Japan, Pocky distributor Glico will be launching Street Fighter II Pocky. The focus of this tie-up is “Pocky KO” limited edition packages that features artwork from Street Fighter II. That’s not all though, as Capcom and Glico are also releasing a free PC/mobile version of Street Fighter II called Street Fighter II Pocky Edition.

As you might guess, this version of Street Fighter II has a few changes to fit in with the Pocky theme. For example, instead of the usual health bar, you’ll now have a Pocky stick! Along with that, there’s a special “Pocky KO” rule that involves downing an opponent when the right ratio of chocolate-to-pocky has been reached on the health bar. Finally, victory screens and poses have also been altered to make them more Pocky-centric.

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