Nintendo of America has tweeted that a Nintendo Direct will air tomorrow, November 29th, to reveal the second trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The original Tweet can be seen below along with a teaser image of Princess Peach’s throne room.

Nintendo confirms that there will be no game news announced during the direct, and the teaser image seems to suggest we might be getting a look at how Princess Peach will look and sound in the movie.

What things are you hoping to see in the trailer tomorrow? We will of course keep you updated when the trailer drops.

UPDATE: It seems the Mario Movie’s Twitter Account has followed Charles Martinet (The original voice of Mario) on Twitter. We knew Martinet would have a role in the movie before but maybe this could hint that we might see him in the trailer tomorrow.

Thanks to alecandstuff for the heads up!

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1+ y ago

No offense to Peach's voice actors over the years, but this will probably be Peach's best depiction yet. There's not that much to her character in the games, and Anya Taylor-Joy's a serious rising talent. This could surprise people even more than Jack Black.


1+ y ago


And Jack surprised big time. Hope you are right! =)


1+ y ago

Spoiler alert, Peach has no eyes in the movie. The rats ate them. 🐀 👀