Dragalia Lost is coming to an end in less than 24 hours, if you’re one of those who are still playing it for one last time, here is the last event available for you (via

  • [Events] The latest Raid Event Revival, Rage of Chronos, has been updated with the following: Epilogue (available until November 30th)

The game will officially shut down at the following times:

  • North America (ET): November 30th at 1 AM
  • North America (PT): November 29th at 10 PM
  • Europe: November 30th at 7 AM
  • UK: November 30th at 6 AM
  • Japan: November 30th at 1 PM

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1+ y ago

Really sad to see this go. They did their best to give us a right proper send-off with what little time they had left. A really rich IP with a great story, as a day 1 player I hope to see it again someday. Give me Dragalia Lost Warriors