Soccer Story now available on Switch

Definitely the biggest soccer-related thing going on now

29 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Soccer Story, the comedic open-world soccer RPG from developer PanicBarn and publisher No More Robots, is now available on Switch. The game is priced at $20 (with a limited-time 10% discount) and takes up 866 MB of space.

A year after The Calamity tore apart the very foundations of soccer (it’s called football actually) as we know it. Since then, Soccer Inc. has taken full control of the sport and has BANNED anyone from even CONSIDERING kicking a ball around. Christiano Ronaldo? More like, Ronal-no!

Luckily, a magical football has descended from the heavens and has chosen you, The Savior of Soccer, and, –you’ll get a kick out of this – you’ve been tasked with saving the future of the sport and bringing harmony to the world once more.

Of course, there are two offsides to every story, so let’s give the obviously cartoonishly evil soccer-deniers the benefit of the doubt and let the story unfold.

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