Feardemic’s launching Papetura on Switch on December 1st, 2022, but to give you a taste, they’ve just released some behind-the-scenes footage of Papetura being created. The feature, aptly titled “Paper Magic” showcases how the game’s creator has single-handedly(well, maybe the second hand helped) designed and brought into the world the beautiful paper landscapes and characters you can admire in the game. The video’s narrated by the wonderful Rachel August, who you may know from The Last Campfire, and features Floex’s beautiful music just like the game.

The horror publisher Feardemic is bringing out something new this time. Instead of a terrifying fright ride, what they’re serving us is an atmospheric adventure game set in a world made entirely out of paper and hand-crafted almost fully by a single person over 6 years. While Papetura’s not a horror in the traditional sense, it doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. After all, what’s a predicament scarier than living in a paper world that’s at a real risk of burning down? And that’s exactly the situation our main characters, Pape and Tura, find themselves in at the start of the game.

Lend your hand to two little creatures, Pape and Tura, whose house is in danger of burning down. Explore the mysterious world shrouded in shadow and light, hand-crafted in its entirety out of paper. Marvel at the simple beauty of the unfamiliar, yet strangely inviting place you find yourself in as you point and click your way through your adventure. Muster the courage and face the dark, flaming monsters threatening your paper paradise.

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