I think it’s fair to say every Switch Online member has some hang-ups and frustrations with the service. Turns out those feelings extend to former Nintendo employees themselves.

In a snippet from the latest Kit & Krysta podcast, the duo is asked about their issues with Switch Online. In particular, Krysta doesn’t think Nintendo’s solution to voice chat, which is a mobile app, works anywhere near well enough to service players. As for Kit, he has a number of gripes with how legacy games (NES/SNES/Genesis/N64) are handled on the service.

This is a kind of openness we would never hear from current Nintendo employees, but it’s still surreal to hear two former employees expressing their frustrations in this way. Hopefully Nintendo is watching and listening, and it may get them to reconsider a thing or two.

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red knight

2y ago

Facts all around. It's 2022 and it's disappointing how behind they are. Also, ownership of legacy games is basically non-existing.


2y ago

I'd like to see a messaging system and a party chat feature. All outside of the phone app of course.


2y ago

I feel like I've heard more about Kit and Krysta since leaving Nintendo than I ever did when they were there.


2y ago

For the NES/SNES games, Nintendo should just sell a digital offline version in the style of the NES/SNES Mini menu that has all the games so far for people who want to get that instead of only having it for the Online Service...//