A big round of information on Void Terrarium 2, the sequel to the 2020 Virtual Pet Roguelike, has just been released. Along with that info, a new batch of screens has been shared as well. You can check out the gallery of screens here, as well as new gameplay details below.

  • in this sequel, you’ll move into a new terrarium
  • sow seeds and grow plants
  • adjust the temperature and humidity to make the perfect environment for your plants
  • harvest plants to obtain seeds, objects, and recipes
  • the atmosphere of the Terrarium will change depending on the objects you place
  • the background music also changes based on the atmosphere
  • you may see expressions from Toriko that you normally would not
  • new outfits and hairstyles have been added to Toriko’s wardrobe
  • manage multiple terrariums
  • build a greenhouse to grow plants more efficiently
  • build a playroom to play with Toriko
  • play as a robot who takes care of Toriko in the terrarium
  • give Toriko food when she is hungry
  • work with factoryAI to treat her when she is feeling under the weather
  • head to dungeons to gather the things you need to take care of Toriko
  • dungeons are randomly generated
  • items acquired while exploring can be used in combat
  • you can still bring back items even if you are defeated in battle
  • new dungeon types, including deserts and crystalized areas, can appear
  • use resources and recipes to craft terrarium decorations and items
  • by crafting, you can also trigger a craft bonus
  • craft bonuses increase the robot’s stats (ATK, DEF, HP)
  • you can also boost Toriko’s feeling of fullness and the terrarium’s resistance to contamination

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