The Ramsgate we know today is not the first one of its name. Explore the ruins of old Ramsgate in Gauntlet, a brand-new endless game mode which allows you to earn weapon trackers and new cells. The Gauntlet Hunts will arrive in Dauntless on December 1st, 2022.

Race against time as you take on level after level of challenging hunts amid the ruins of old Ramsgate. Utilize unique arena perks to optimize hunts with your guild. Only the most valiant guilds will find a place on the Gauntlet leaderboard and earn coveted rank-based titles each season.

Slayers and guilds that complete Gauntlet levels will earn weapon trackers, new cells, and bundles of consumables.

Unlock Gauntlet hunts at the final milestone of the Slayer’s Path. How high can your guild climb before the end of the season?

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