There’s a lot going on for Dragalia Lost today! First up is a new Gala Dragalia, which adds in 5★ adventurers Bondforged Prince and Bondforged Zethia to the summon showcase. You can get a better look at that content above.

Along with that, the game has been updated to Version 2.18.2, and then there’s the usual slate of daily updates. You can get full details on all of that below.

Version 2.18.2

  • Issue Addressed: The adventurer Bondforged Prince’s name is displayed as “{player_name}” on the Summon Results screen and certain details screens.

Daily update

[Events] The latest Raid Event, Advent of the Origin, is now live (available until April 15th, with Rewards and Epilogue available until April 22nd)

[Endeavours] A new set of Endeavours is now available: Advent of the Origin (available until April 15th)

[Event Quests] The following Trials of the Mighty are now live: Kamuy, Niddhog, Surtr (Flame, Light) (available until April 6th)

[Events] The returning Raid Event, A Waltz with Fate, has been updated with the following: Epilogue (available until April 6th)


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