Much talk has been made about the various actors who are lending their voice talents to the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. While the focus has been on Chris Pratt playing Mario, a recent bit of information shows us that the much more interesting story comes from a pair of Spanish actors tackling some roles.

The Spanish version of the Super Mario Bros. movie is going to give fans a real treat, as the roles of Mario and Luigi will be handled by real-life brothers! Mario is voiced by Guillermo Romero, while Luigi is portrayed by Rafa Romero. Things actually go a layer deep here, as Guillermo is usually the Spanish stand-in for Chris Pratt and Rafa does the same for Charlie Day!

In other words, the casting for the Spanish version of the Super Mario Bros. movie just happened to work out in the best way possible!

Thanks to M4kk0 for the heads up!

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the utility man

1+ y ago

It's an interesting coincidence, but what difference does that really make?