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30 November 2022
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Digital Extremes is launching Warframe’s Lua’s Prey update for all platforms today. As The Void exposes ancient scars and long-forgotten secrets, something sinister rumbles on Lua as the Grineer descend upon these newly exposed halls seeking possible treasure, corrupted by its long-dormant Orokin Neural Sentry. Under the guidance of The Lotus, the Tenno embark on a mission to investigate this destroyed piece of Lua formerly used to monitor Void Conjunctions. Delivering new story-based Survival missions featuring light narrative and thematic teasers for The Duviri Paradox (launching 2023) the howling new community-inspired 51st Warframe, plus the return of Nora Night and more, Lua’s Prey is loaded with new content, cosmetic additions, and overall QOL improvements to enhance the Warframe experience.

A new gameplay launch trailer for Warframe’s Lua’s Prey update teases how players can utilize their powerful Arsenal, including Necramechs, to take down powerful new enemy variants while mastering the powerful she-wolf incarnadine, Voruna.

Take on Challenging New Survival Missions on Lua with Friends

Available to players on all platforms today who have completed The War Within Quest, Lua’s Prey introduces the Yuvarium and Circulus nodes on Lua to offer a new Conjunction Survival mission. As with other Survival missions in Warframe, players must maintain Life Support by triggering Life Support Towers and procuring Life Support Capsules dropped by slain enemies. A Thrax enemy will spawn for every successful Survival round, increasing depletion of Life Support by 50% while alive. Summoning their Necramech, players must eliminate the Thrax threat to salvage Life Support and emerge victorious.

Keep an eye on the battlefield! Once the alarms are triggered, a Lone Guardian will begin to make its way to the Life Support Towers throughout Lua, surrounded by an enigmatic energy null of all color following its every move. Entering this area grants players 100% Ability Strength and a 50% Casting Speed buff for 5-seconds. These buffs refresh as long as the player remains in the area of effect.

A new curious resource, Lua Thrax Plasm – a unique variant of Thrax Plasm which players can harvest and acquire during Void Conjunctions on Lua – can be used to craft Voruna’s components, along with her signature weapons. Lua Thrax Plasm can also be traded at Archimedean Yonta in the Chrysalith for rewards.

Master the 51st Playable Warframe Voruna and Her Ferocious Abilities

A relentless hunter of god-prey and shadow of the night, Voruna is Digital Extremes’ 51st playable Warframe truly inspired by its community and debuting on all platforms today for players to instantly unlock or earn in-game. Voruna’s mind-bending and fierce design was developed in collaboration with one of gaming’s industry icons and masters of monsters Joe ‘Mad’ Madureira (Darksiders) of Airship Syndicate and named by Warframe’s community.

Voruna is a monstrous beauty - four beasts, one heart. Her loyal wolf pack offers a deadly combination of strength and stealth to players, with each wolf offering a unique Ability.

SHROUD OF DYNAR: Dynar shrouds Voruna with invisibility and accelerates her speed. Invisibility ends when Voruna attacks and for a short period after landing a melee attack, melee attacks have increased Critical Damage and Status Chance, inflicting Bleed. Eliminate an enemy with a melee attack during this time to extend the buff.

FANGS OF RAKSH: Raksh’s fangs tear into enemies. 5 random Status Effects are applied at 10 Stacks each on an enemy. On target’s elimination, spread the Status Effects to other nearby enemies.

LYCATH’S HUNT: Lycath hunts to sustain the pack. Enemies eliminated by melee attacks will drop health orbs and those eliminated by headshots drop energy orbs. Increase the duration of Lycath’s Hunt by eliminating enemies affected by 5 or more Status Effects.

ULFRUN’S DESCENT: Voruna drops to all fours and prepares 5 brutal charges that lock onto enemies. Ulfrun, Voruna’s most powerful wolf, leads the attack as she dashes toward her target. The pack deals increased damage to targets and nearby enemies that are inflicted by Status Effects. Lethal attacks double the damage of Voruna’s remaining charges.

For players looking to instantly unlock Voruna today, The Pack’s Heart bundle offers immediate access to the base Warframe Voruna, her signature Sarofang melee weapon and Perigale multi-barrel sniper, Voruna’s Anuka Helmet, plus the Okuri Tails Ephemera and Voruna’s Voidshell Collection. Commemorate the glory with the Honored Pack Collection - golden statues commissioned by the Yuvan Clerisy, including the Steadfast Dynar Bust, Steadfast Raksh Bust, Steadfast Lycath Bust, and Steadfast Ulfrun Bust. The Pack’s Heart bundle and the Honored Pack Collection are available today from Warframe’s in-game Market.

Use Bold and Beautiful New Cosmetics to Reimagine Your Fashion Frame

New cosmetic enhancements empowering Warframe players to express their individuality with their ultimate Fashion Frame are available today. The Golden Mend Collection features Orokin treasures reimagined by The Void: Xaku Kagura Skin, Lotus Amaga Skin, the Lohk’s Embrace Ephemera, Xaku Kagura Glyph, Lotus Amaga Glyph, and a bonus Gallixware Ceramic Bundle for the Orbiter for those purchasing the Golden Mend Collection for a friend or themselves. Adorn the Xaku Kagura Skin to transform Xaku’s look or give Lotus a new appearance with Lotus Amaga Skin.

The Void Adornment III bundle helps players make the most of morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump with access to the Mag Voidshell Skin, Frost Voidshell Skin, Grendel Voidshell Skin, and each skin’s matching material structure. Voidshell Skins give players more freedom to create a unique look by allowing players to customize a Warframe’s material structures.

Utilize New Powerful, Time-Limited Bundles to Bolster Your Arsenal

Digital Extremes is testing new time-limited bundles to bring players the best possible value when instantly upgrading their arsenal from the in-game market. These bundles will be available for a limited-time only until early 2023 and are meant to help accelerate the journey in the Origin System with Boosters, Mods, Upgrade Materials, and more.

Void Raider Weapon Bundle: Includes the Hespar heavy scythe and Aeolak automatic rifle

Complete Booster Bundle: Supercharge the Warframe experience with access to 30-Day Affinity, Resource, and Credit Booster, plus a 30-Day Resource Drop Chance Booster

Complete Starter Slot Bundle: Gain access to 2 Warframe Slots, 2 Weapon Slots, and 2 Companion Slots

Complete Upgrade Bundle: Upgrade your Arsenal with access to 3x Forma, and Orokin Catalyst and Reactor, plus an Exilus Warframe and Weapon Adapter

Necramech Mod Bundle: 10 of Warframe’s top-used Necramech mods round out this limited-time offering, including the Necramech Vitality, Necramech Intensify, Necramech Steel Fiber, Necramech Streamline Mods, and more

Dreamers, Tune-In to Nora’s Mix Vol. 3

Pirate radio station Nightwave host Nora Night is back with Nora’s Mix Vol. 3, launching alongside Warframe’s Lua’s Prey update.

Similar to Vol. 2, Nora’s Mix Vol. 3 adds new weekly goals, such as completing an Archon Hunt, for players to take on. Like previous editions of Nightwave, duplicate protection is offered for rewards that players have already unlocked. Identical to Nora’s Mix Vol. 2, players can expect to be compensated with Nora’s Mix Vol. 3 Creds instead of the previous unlocked reward. Some reward highlights for Nora’s Mix Vol. 3 include the new Proto Necramech Skin, Mods, and Noggle Statues.

If you’d like to see the incredibly long patch notes for this update, you can find the official breakdown here.

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