Malzeno made its debut in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the massive expansion to Monster Hunter Rise. Malzeno was in the very first trailer for Sunbreak, and is no doubt the star of the show for this update. Today, Capcom has shared some details on how Malzeno came to be.

In a new internal Capcom interview, Malzeno creator Aehwa Shin talks about the ideas that went into creating Malzeno. Turns out there’s some interesting inspirations at play!

The main theme was “vampire,” and I also gave him characteristics of a “noble baron” and a “knight in silver shining armor.” When we were trying to come up with ways of expressing the “vampire” element, we came up with many designs that were kind of dark and grim, with some looking bat-like, others looking more like a mosquito, and some of them looking very gloomy.

[Aehwa Shin]

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