Koei Tecmo has shared new details on the newly announced Winning Post 10, which releases on March 30th, 2023, for the Nintendo Switch. Check out the new details and screenshots below as translated by Gematsu.

The Winning Post series, celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023, is a realistic horse racing simulation game where the player becomes an owner-breeder, experiencing the world of horseracing along with the horses and people involved.

Key Features

Powerful Race Scenes that are Overwhelmingly Realistic and Depicted as Only a Game Can

  • Featuring revamped 3D racehorse models, strong attention to detail has been paid to the texture of each horse’s skin and coat, the movement of their muscles, and so on for a realistic depiction of the exciting world of horse racing. The beauty and power of thoroughbreds—running works of art—is more realistically reproduced than ever.
  • Additionally, there are more variations in the shapes and sizes of each horse’s eyes, coat color, and mane color. Your horse’s appearance will be more unique than ever, which will deepen your love for it.
  • The more photorealistic race tracks are enhanced with lighting that changes based on the season and time of day. Feel the excitement of dramatic race scenes with the combination of in-game production and camera work.
  • Furthermore, in the PlayStation 5 and PC versions, you can enjoy intense race scenes like never before with more realistic horse models and three-dimensional course turf.

“Uma-sonality” Revealing the Personality of the Racehorses

  • A series first! The personalities of the racehorses are revealed in the new “uma-sonality”! Not only does it show the horse’s personality, but its likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and various other characteristics.
  • There is the “uma-sonality” that a horse is born with and the “uma-sonality” that is discovered as it grows. Additionally, “uma-sonality” changes based on experience earned in races, events, and other situations such as “Historical Training.”
  • As the racehorses grow, their inner self changes, so the player’s selections and decisions based on trial and error can greatly affect the racehorses’ success.

Historically Accurate Training to Experience a Variety of Actual Training Techniques

  • Historically accurate training that had a major influence on Japanese racehorses is replicated as the new training element called “Historical Training.” In addition to learning about effective training techniques such as “Shinzan Iron” and “Loose Rein Training,” this can also be enjoyed as a collection element to learn about the history of Japanese horse racing.
  • “Historical Training” not only improves a racehorse’s basic abilities, it has various other effects such as an instantaneous boost to try to turn the tides, and fluctuations in condition, fatigue, and horse weight. Some training techniques may even evolve the traits of the racehorse to an even higher ranking. Choosing a training technique that matches a horse’s aptitude, such as their ancestry and “uma-sonality,” promises even greater effectiveness.
  • Players will be able to choose from numerous “Historical Training” techniques, and it is up to them to show their skills in how they train their prized horses and turn them into a success.

Popular Series Elements Return

  • Elements that were popular in Winning Post 9 2022 can also be enjoyed in Winning Post 10, including the seven “Starting Year Scenarios,” marriage elements, establishment of overseas farms in historic periods, Owners Club and Club Farm, joint probability of multiple ancestries, Online Horse Championship, and more. (Some elements will be added via a large-scale update.)
  • Additionally, the game features the latest racehorse data and program guides, as well as a model of the “New Kyoto Racecourse” scheduled to reopen in April 2023. It offers an overwhelming volume of content, including new characters, new formula theories, and a significant addition of traits, including inherit and superior.

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