A new update is available for Thymesia: Cloud Version. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Fixed the achievement not unlocking bug
  • Added Motion Blur Toggle
  • Added Controller Vibration Toggle
  • Players can now get missed achievements by talking to Aisemy
  • Fixed the Corvus stuck in air bug
  • Added an extra story note from the tutorial level to the main game
  • Added a hint next to enemy health bar when they’re out of their area before they start healing
  • Unreleased ladders will now have a different look
  • Plague weapon Blood Sword damage increase effect will expire with the buff
  • Offensive buffs gained from Katar and Knife plague weapon will expire correctly
  • The Fools Punch plague weapon enhance 01 and 02 will function correctly
  • ‘Flying Dagger’ plague weapon will overwrite “Intercept Wing” talent correctly


  • Leave Garden Sub-quest 1 early will now unlock other levels correctly
  • Moved the archer in Garden main level so he can’t shoot you when accessing the shortcut
  • Moved the Aisemy at the end of Sea of Trees Sub-quest 1 so it’s easier to spot


  • Volume control will affect the volume before you applied
  • The Corvus music will not be affected by volume control
  • Made the elite enemy’s health bar more obvious
  • Polished the camera control using controller and fixed related bugs
  • Fixed some typos and incorrect strings


  • Potion recipe “focus” will now give you 25% more Memory Shards rather than 10%
  • Lowered the efficiency of the “Energy Restore” buff from Perfectionist Lv2 or Adrenaline Lv2
  • Fast-acting potion amount increased by 1 for each level


  • Lowered Odur’s health (from 3500×2 to 3000×2)
  • Odur will now use his ultimate more often (from 80 secs to 60 secs)
  • Increased Mutated Odur’s health and damage (from 8000 to 10000, ultimate damage from 190 to 237)
  • Increased God of the Fools’ damage (from 145 to 195)
  • Increased the Hanged Queen health and damage (from 7000 to 9000 and about 20% damage increase)
  • The Hanged Queen will now stop restoring health when blood sucking animation is interrupt
  • Lowered Sound of the Abyss’ health (from 6000 to 5000)
  • Added hints for some of Sound of the Abyss’ attacks
  • Corvus boss’s hammer plague weapon area affect now match the special effect size
  • You will get correct plague weapon when reaving Corvus boss
  • Mutated male villager’s critical attack will now knock down Corvus
  • Female villager’s crying attack will now deal damage to Corvus

Plague Weapon

  • Increased Halberd plague weapon extended action damage (from 1.25x to 1.5x)
  • Increased Fist plague weapon damage (from 3x to 4x, in air damage from 5x to 6x)
  • Increased Vile Blood Shield plague weapon damage (from 300 to 600)
  • Increased the Blood Strike damage from Blood Sword plague weapon damage (from 2x to 4x)
  • Shortened the explosion delay for Javelin Sword (from 5 secs to 3 secs)
  • Increased Fist plague weapon affected area (from 500 cm to 700 cm)
  • Lowered Bow plague weapon damage (from 2.5x to 1.5x)
  • Increased Bow plague weapon cooldown (from 1 sec to 3 secs)
  • Increased Bow plague weapon energy cost (from 50 to 60)
  • Increased Shield plague weapon cooldown (from 1 sec to 3 secs)
  • Increased Hammer plague weapon cooldown (from 10 secs to 12 secs)
  • Increased Great sword plague weapon cooldown (from 10 secs to 15 secs)
  • Increased Katar plague weapon cooldown (from 8 secs to 12 secs)
  • Shortened Mutated Tentacles plague weapon cooldown (from 15 secs to 10 secs)
  • Increased Mutated Tentacles plague weapon energy cost (from 75 to 100)


  • Lowered the health and energy recovery amount from Healing Execution Lv1 and 2 (about cut in half)
  • Lowered the energy recovery amount from Energised Claws Lv1 and 2 (from 10%, 20% to 5%, 10%)
  • Increased the efficiency of Defence Lv1, Lv2, and Lv3 (about 10% more efficient for each level)
  • Lowered the damage from Gliding Claw Lv1 (from 1.5x to 1.25x)
  • Lowered the damage from Long Claw Lv1 and 2 and removed the bleeding effect (from 30% to 20%)
  • Corvus will now move forward more when performing Short Claws
  • Short Claws will only restore your health when dealing claw damage
  • Short Claws will only a stack of “Offensive” buff for each combo, not each hit

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