You might remember back in 202 when Pokémon Co. and Tokyo Banana teamed-up for a line of Pikachu-themed Tokyo Banana snacks. It seems that collaboration was a success, as the two companies have teamed once again for another round of delicious treats.

This time around, Pokémon Company and Tokyo Banana have revealed a 12-box set of Pikachu Tokyo Banana snacks. Last time around, these treats only came in 2-packs, boxes of 4, or boxes of 8. Even better, some boxes will feature a special Pikachu heart-shaped design!

Of course, best of all, this line of snacks is available in Japan right now! As you might have guessed, there are no plans to release this in NA/EU for now. If you want to chow down on these treats, you’ll have to find an import retailer.

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