While Nintendo has been putting out mobile games for 6 years now, they have found mixed results. Titles like Fire Emblem Heroes have been big hits, and their involvement with Pokémon GO has certainly been a boon, but other titles have seen modest results, or failed to find much of an audience at all.

With Dragalia Lost closing this week (a joint venture between Nintendo and Cygames), many are wondering if Nintendo’s path forward on mobile will change. In a statement released to Axios, Nintendo has reaffirmed their mobile efforts, and once again defined why they create mobile content in the first place.

This is basically a statement we’ve heard before from Nintendo top brass, but it still signifies that Nintendo sees a future in mobile, but they utilize the platform in a different way from most publishers. You can see the full statement below.

“While we feel the importance of generating revenue and profit through our mobile business, our basic strategy with the business is to expand the number of people who have access to Nintendo [intellectual property]. (Our mobile games reach countries where Switch isn’t available, allowing people) to experience new entertainment from Nintendo and get familiar with its IP.“


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