Ex-RARE composers create a Christmas song for charity

A feel-good holiday tune that makes a difference

02 December 2022
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Are you a fan of classic RARE games? How about the music from those games? Then you’ll definitely want to check out a new song from Ex-RARE composers Grant Kirkhope, David Wise and Kevin Bayliss, and it just so happens to be a holiday tune!

As shared by Videogames Chronicle, the trio of timeless composers have released a song called ‘A Video Gaming Christmas,’ and it’s more than just a bit of holiday fun. The song is available to stream and purchase on Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and more, and proceeds from the track will go to the charity Special Effect.

Special Effect is transforming the lives of people with physical challenges across the world through the innovative use of technology. At the core of this mission is their work to optimize inclusion, enjoyment and quality of life by helping people control video games to the best of their abilities for as long as they need us. Special Effect’s team of occupational therapists and gaming specialists in the UK create bespoke control setups for hundreds of individuals each year, while their R&D team use what they’ve learn in the field to develop freely-available resources and solutions to help level the playing field for gamers with physical challenges all over the world.

Give the song a listen a few times as we head into the holidays, consider buying the track, and help out the Special Effect charity!

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