Firaxis is known for creating the XCOM series, a turn-based strategy franchise that has garnered critical and commercial success for decades. Firaxis certainly knows how to handle the strategy genre, which is why it’s no surprise their latest game, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, slots very nicely into that game type. That said, there’s some pretty big differences between this title and XCOM.

In an interview with, Marvel’s Midnight Suns director Jake Solomon talked about the most important change from XCOM to Marvel’s Midnight Suns. It all came from a stumbling block with superheroes. While it’s normal for the characters of XCOM to make a shot and miss or fail, that simply wouldn’t work with super-powered people. Marvel’s Midnight Suns has found an interesting way around that that directly influences the core gameplay.

“In XCOM, your choices had weight because of systems like permadeath and percentage-hit chance, where you knew you could always take a shot but you didn’t know if it would hit. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, any time you have an ability, you know it will work but there’s no guarantee that you’ll have that ability in your hand.”

[Marvel's Midnight Suns director Jake Solomon]

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