With all sorts of Danganronpa collections and games available on Switch, Nintendo fans can finally see why so many people are fans of the franchise. If you’ve come to love the Danganronpa titles yourself, you might be interested in checking out some official figurines on the way.

Good Smile Company has announced that two more Danganronpa Pop Up Parade figurines are now available to pre-order. You’ll be able to lock in a purchase for Danganronpa Junko Enoshima and Chihiro Fujisaki today, and both are set to ship out June 2023.

The Pop Up Parade series of figurines are meant to be high quality, yet budget-friendly releases. That’s indeed the case with these Danganronpa releases, as Junko is priced at $38.99, while Chiaki is $33.99. If you want to get in on either, you can find them here and here.

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