What’s old is new again and better than ever before, with Premium Edition’s physical releases of two retro love letters: Wunderling DX from Bitwave Games and Rain On Your Parade from Unbound Creations, both for Switch. Premium is pleased to offer these in standard boxed editions and special Retro Editions, available soon.

Wunderling DX follows a hero you don’t know – and nobody else does, for that matter. This hero is a minion of the lowest order in the Yegetable Kingdom and the only one capable of stopping Carrot Man from making off with the realm’s beloved Princess Pea. Wunderling DX evokes some of the best classic platformers of yesteryear with its tough-as-nails challenges, striking pixel art, and more tricks and tracks than you can shake a (carrot) stick at.

Wunderling DX Retro Edition comes with a challenge card, official soundtrack, enamel pin, and an NES-style collector’s box.


Rain On Your Parade resurrects the slapstick spirit of ages gone by and puts you in control of a cloud whose mission is to, well, rain on everyone’s parade! Discover dozens of mischief-making methods across more than 50 cartoon-style levels, including a nice day at the beach that’s begging for you to ruin it and a normal shift at the office of a business that hopefully has flood insurance.

Rain On Your Parade’s Retro Edition comes with its own challenge card, along with a make-your-own vinyl cloud, and an NES-style collector’s box.

Wunderling DX and Rain On Your Parade Standard and Retro Edition Collectors’ Sets are available through this link for $49.95 (Standard Edition) and $69.95 (Retro Edition Collectors sets).

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