Dragon Quest Treasures' online features detailed

Connect with friends onslime!

05 December 2022
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Dragon Quest Treasures is set to launch on Switch at the end of this week, but there’s still a lot more to learn! Thankfully, Square Enix has released a whole new feature on the game, and this one spotlights online functionality.

In the latest blog from Square Enix, learn how to make treasure hunting more fun by playing online to hide and find treasure with friends, send monsters to visit another player’s base and more.

Once Erik and Mia’s gang has grown sufficiently large, a mechanical diplomat known as AL4N will come and stay at their base. He grants access to the Gang Network, a hub for online features that players can use to interact with other gangs. Once you’ve connected to the internet, you’ll be able to hide treasure in Draconia, search for loot hidden by others, send your monsters out to show off your best treasures to other gangs, and likewise receive their monsters as guests.

You can find full details on how to connect online and the variety of online gameplay features available in the full blog post.

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