Work with Weather in Pokémon GO

Weather the storm

05 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Preparing for the day ahead typically requires some attention to the weather outside. Whether that means grabbing an umbrella, bottle of sunscreen, or your strongest Water-type Pokémon, a small amount of knowledge and preparation can make the entire day easier.

With Pokémon GO’s dynamic weather system, Trainers can benefit by understanding how weather works. Because the weather can impact everything from what type of Pokémon are likely to appear in the wild to which attacks are most effective in a Raid Battle, there’s snow excuse not to understand how to make the most of Pokémon GO’s weather system.

If you want some insight into Pokémon GO’s weather system, along with some tips on how to best uses the system to your advantage, check out Pokémon Co.’s official feature here.

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