Temtem has received a massive update, bringing with it a wealth of content and a new season! Season 2: Days of Yore is now live, and you can read some details about it below.

Season 2: Days of Yore is a season reminiscent of Medieval and olden times, filled with knights, bards, and a colorful cast of characters. A new Tamer Pass begins (remember you can always check how long you have to complete it on the upper right corner) and a new set of cosmetic items will enter the shop rotation.

Season 2 is absolutely exploding with fresh content, and the Version 1.2 update that comes with it is filled with tweaks, bug fixes and more. If you want to see more about Season 2 in general, check out the dev blog here. If you’d rather see patch notes for Version 1.2, you can see the complete breakdown here.


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