Sonic Frontiers is a major evolution for the Sonic franchise, as it pushes the Blue Blur into new territory. While there’s no denying this outing is a fresh gameplay experience for Sonic, it seems SEGA had even bigger plans to spice up Frontiers.

According to an interview with Sonic Frontiers game director Morio Kishimoto, lead designer Jyunpei Ootsu, producer Sachiko Kawamura, and lead programmer Hiroki Tokunaga, the team was considering quite a different approach for combat. While Sonic Frontiers definitely offers a deeper combat experience than previous Sonic games, the original plan had Sonic pulling from some big-name franchises.

Sonic Team states that they were looking to add in combat to Sonic Frontiers that was akin to what you’d see in Bayonetta or Devil May Cry titles. It’s unclear just how far into development these ideas made it, but SEGA eventually shelved that approach to create something that fit better with a Sonic title.

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1+ y ago

I quite enjoy the DMC gameplay style, unsure if it would fit Sonic though.


1+ y ago


i love and Bayo and DMC, but without some kind of weapon system that style of combat doesn't fit the Sonic franquise

And actual weapons is not something the fans want to associate with the Sonic character (although i guess its not impossible if MarioxRabbids did it, Shadow the Hedgehog is a bad example though) we may see something like that one day if they didn't completely discarded the idea, but FRONTIERS is a fairly good start to evolve the combat without changing Sonic

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1+ y ago

I'm having a hard time picturing a Sonic climax ;)