In case you didn’t know the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet sandwich making minigame is actually a very useful feature. Stack up the right ingredients on that bread and you can score bonuses that will help you get more Pokémon eggs, Boost your XP gains, and even increase your odds of encountering a shiny!

It typically, however, would require a great deal of trial and error to discover what ingredients would yield what result. Thanks to a fan-made simulator created by cecilbowen on github you can remove the guess work from your sandwich making experience.

As seen above in the YouTube video by Austin John Plays, the tool is simple to use. Just click which ingredients you want to use and see what the result will be, you can even use one of the game’s premade recipes as a starting point and then edit it to your liking.

We’ll post the github link down below, we hope it proves useful, and thanks to cecilbowen for putting all this together!

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