Hello Neighbor 2 now available on Switch

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06 December 2022
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There’s something sinister going on in the town of Raven Brooks, and developers Eerie Guest Studio and publisher tinyBuild think you can get to the bottom of it. Get your camera and warm up that reporter’s van, because today, Hello Neighbor 2 officially launches. Out now on Switch, it’s the latest in the family-friendly stealth-horror hit series, taking the series out of the house and onto the streets in our biggest adventure yet.

Hello Neighbor 2 casts players as Quentin, a journalist and incorrigible snoop based in the sleepy suburbs of Raven Brooks. There have always been rumors and mysteries surrounding the eccentric architect and engineer Mr. Peterson (including a series of Missing Persons cases), but could there be something bigger going on? Starting with the old Peterson house, players begin a dangerous investigation across the town, infiltrating the homes and hideouts of the town’s most influential figures. Just don’t get caught. All that poking around won’t earn you any respect. Each building you’ll be exploring is patrolled by an ornery inhabitant with their own unique AI personality, waiting to pounce and throw you out, minus any items you might have taken. It’ll take stealth, smarts and nerves of steel to evade their attention, solve the puzzles in each house, track down where Mr. Peterson is hiding out and crack the true mystery of Raven Brooks. Just tread carefully, or you might end up on one of those missing person posters too…

Owners of the premium Deluxe Edition get immediate access to the Hello-Copter, Back To School and Late Fees DLC packs; One new infiltration tool for your collection of cameras and gadgets, plus two massive new missions. Hello Neighbor 2 is priced at $40 while the Deluxe Edition costs $60.

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