Nintendo fans have been wondering for weeks now if the Big N would have any kind of presence at The Game Awards. We know Reggie Fils-Aime will be showing up for presenting purposes, but he’s not exactly associated with Nintendo nowadays. While we’re still waiting to see just what Nintendo has to offer (if anything), we do have news on an appearance that’s a little closer to Nintendo.

The official Twitter account for The Game Awards has announced that actor Keegan-Michael Key will appear at this year’s show. For those who don’t know, Keegan-Michael Key is lending his talents to Toad in the Super Mario Bros. movie. Furthermore, the tweet about Keegan-Michael Key’s appearance is tagged with #SuperMarioMovie and also includes a picture of Toad’s head.

Does this mean we’ll get another new look at the Super Mario Bros. movie from The Game Awards, or is this nothing more than some tangential tie-in? We’ll all find out together come 8 PM ET when The Game Awards go live.

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