As you’ve no doubt heart, Microsoft put out a statement yesterday saying that should their Activision Blizzard acquisition go forward, they’re pledging to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo platforms for the next 10 years. That could start as early as Switch, but it’s more likely we’ll see the bulk of this announcement through Nintendo’s Switch successors.

Since that announcement was made, Xbox head Phil Spencer has opened up on Nintendo plans in an interview with The Washington Post. While we don’t get specifics on which games would arrive and when, we did get a better understanding of the cadence.

“You can imagine if [the deal] closed on that date (June 23rd, 2022), starting to do development work to make that happen would likely take a little bit of time… Once we get into the rhythm of this, our plan would be that when [a Call of Duty game] launches on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, that it would also be available on Nintendo at the same time. …Minecraft and Call of Duty are different games. But from how you get games onto Nintendo, how you run a development team that is targeting multiple platforms, that’s experience we have.”

[Xbox head, Phil Spencer]

Just as Spencer said, this all depends on whether Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquisition comes together. If the deal goes through, it’s still going to take a considerable amount of time to get things up-and-running. This all points to the first Call of Duty game under this deal hitting the Switch’s successor, but there’s still a slight chance the Switch could squeak one entry out.

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The next Call of Duty game isn't coming out until 2024 and probably towards the end of the year. Nintendo are bound to have new hardware out by then. And in both statements from Phil Spencer, he never mentions Switch. If the Switch was to somehow get a new COD game, it would likely be a cloud version, and I couldn't care less about that rental system.