Humanity is faced with extinction. Their last hope? Nanotechnology. Offering the ability to quickly create front-line fighting robots to take on the ruthless Swarm, players will need to adapt quickly if they’re to push back the enemy threat in Mech Armada, launching on witch today.

Set for Switch, Mech Armada from Lioncode Games gives players the freedom to design custom mechs from dozens of unique parts, before deploying their army of machines across tile-based, procedural environments. Strategy is key because one wrong move could mean the very end of humanity as we know it.

Blending multiple genres to create a challenging, turn-based tactics game, Mech Armada takes influences from the likes of Into The Breach, X-Com and Slay The Spire, and blends them into a unique experience where your robots become your deck. Offering huge creative freedom to piece together mech parts into ultimate fighting machines, it’s down to players to decide what force they want to use against their alien opponents.

Whether you choose to create a mech with a gatling cannon and spider legs, or one offering repair drones and an orbital bombardment, Mech Armada wants you to not only have fun experimenting with design and builds, but to also apply their tactical possibilities on each run. From leveraging terrain to managing limited resources, players will need to exploit the strengths of their mechs to defeat the Swarm or face oblivion. Getting it wrong will see you start over with all-new maps, enemies, parts and rewards for a fresh run.

Mech Armada is priced at $19.99 / €19.99/ £17.99 with a 20% launch discount.

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