In the matter of just a couple weeks, the situation with The Outbound Ghost has gone from bad to pretty dire.

Conrad, the lead developer on The Outbound Ghost, has released a video statement detailing the current situation with the game. As you may know, Conrad wasn’t happy with the state the game was released in, and it was released despite his reservations. This situation was out of Conrad’s control, but he was doing what he could to fix things up.

Fast-forward a week, and now Conrad is suggesting people shouldn’t buy any version of the game on any platform. This is due to the dissolving of the relationship between Conrad and publisher Digerati. Conrad is currently exploring legal avenues to get the rights to The Outbound Ghost back in his control, and then he plans to release a new, updated version of the game at a later date.

We don’t know where this situation will go from here, and Digerati is yet to release a statement. Stay tuned for future updates.

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