Pokémon GO makes weight/height tweaks to the Pokédex

We've got weights in Pokémon!

08 December 2022
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Niantic is constantly tweaking things big and small in Pokémon GO, and they’ve just made a slight change to how things work in the game’s Pokédex.

If your Pokémon GO app is up to date, you should notice a tweak to the game’s Pokémon as far as some stats go. Now you can track the highest and lowest weight and height of all the Pokémon in your Pokédex. Along with that, the app will also inform you if you have caught a new record for either.

Along with that, Pokémon GO now offers medals for catching XXS and XXL size Pokémon. Guess it’s time for Trainers to brag about their biggest and smallest catches!

Niantic has released an official breakdown for everything that was included in this update, which you can read in full below.

  • New Sizes for Pokémon – Trainers can now encounter Poochyena, Mightyena and Mawile in XXS and XXL.
  • New Encounter Animations – Trainers will see new animations when they encounter a XXS or XXL Pokémon.
  • Visible Size Variation – XXS and XXL Pokémon will be visually smaller or larger than their standard sizes when encountered or on adventure as a buddy.
  • Pokédex Size Tracking – Trainers’ Pokédex will now start tracking the sizes of the Pokémon they’ve caught.
  • Break Records – Trainers who catch XXS or XXL Pokémon will enjoy a new celebratory message when they break their records by catching at least three of any particular Pokémon.

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