Terraria has been updated to Ver. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Updated localization of non-English languages to include all of the post-1.4.4 hotfix content and text adjustments & changes
  • Recorded Music Boxes thrown into Shimmer will now be transmuted back into blank Music Boxes
  • Updated over one hundred sprites to modernize some older and dated assets.
  • In tandem with the above, reset the scale stat on about 90 swords and tools back to 1. Over time and various updates, many of these weapons had their “scale” multiplier increased, a balancing stat that increases their size to give them a bigger hitbox. Unfortunately, this results in increasingly distorted and inconsistent pixel size across our weapons. All of the affected weapons/tools have had their sprite increased in size to reflect their actual in-game size, and then the scaling factor reduced back down to 1. This will result in both modernized versions of some old sprites, but less stretched, size appropriate weapon sprites to match their intended size. In practice, this will have minimal actual impact on their in-game hitbox size, but when there is a change, it is almost always a difference of a pixel or two, and usually in favor of making the weapon slightly bigger.
  • An important note for Resource Pack makers: any sprite replacements in resource packs for any of these updated Swords/Tools will no longer function, because the old sprites are not the same size as they are now. To update resource packs which change the appearance of these weapons, the replacement sprites will need to be resized to match the new expected sprite size.
  • Below is a list of every Sword or Tool that had its sprite size changed. Note that only affected Swords and Tools, and the Penguin Pet’s Projectile (Projectile_112) will need to be resized for Resource Packs; all of the other resprited assets maintained the same size as they were before.

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