Ever since we found out that Chris Pratt would voice Mario for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, fans have been expressing themselves non-stop. Whether it’s someone posting a random Tweet with their opinion, artists posting incredible drawings or someone remaking the original Super Mario Bros. in Unreal Engine with realistic graphics starring Chris Pratt as Mario, there’s always something new to see.

…Wait, what was that last one?

Youtuber Re-Imagined Games took it upon themselves to remake the classic as a personal project while waiting for the movie.

In RIG’s own words:

With zero game development experience, I’m learning unreal engine from scratch and picking up any other skills that I can along the way, in an effort to make this a legitimately great action game!

That’s quite impressive! So if you are interested in seeing more of how this project is shaping up, don’t forget to watch both trailers that have been released so far and support Re-Imagined Games!

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