Nintendo and Platinum have announced Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, a brand-new Bayonetta spin-off title that’s set to launch March 23rd, 2023. Turn back the pages of the Umbra Witch’s story to learn where it all began. Take control of Cereza and her first demon Cheshire to fend off faeries and solve puzzles.

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1+ y ago

So that's why the secret chapter ended the way it did. Interesting that they're releasing in cartridge instead of being DLC for Bayo 3. I wonder how long it will be.


1+ y ago

WTF this is the craziest thing i seen today, getting it day one!!


1+ y ago

I've played the secret chapter too so I've been waiting for the official announcement of the new game.


1+ y ago

So when Kamiya talked about 9 Bayonetta games spin-offs did cross my mind and here we are. I am so getting this! =)

Getting a little back story from Rosa is going to be intruiging,

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